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The Columbia Company Home Improvements 

I was going through dialysis in 2011 and eventually got a kidney transplant that year, Johnny Campbell renovated our living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, he also added a screened in porch. He took the worry away when we had so many other things on our minds. We have recommended him to our neighbor across the street and they were also happy with his work. He is one of the good guys.

Donna and Joel Smith         Lexington, SC

Say good-bye to those frustrating projects!  

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        When a Client hires THE COLUMBIA COMPANY for a project, they can rest assure they are in good hands with this general contract who cares about seeing their vision and bringing it to life! I make every effort to not only hear, see and be apart of that vision. 


        THE COLUMBIA COMPANY has been around since 1960 doing just that. Building visions for thousands of satisfied customers. As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau,

THE COLUMBIA COMPANY is not the only one saying this, we have the accountability of a nonprofit organization watching out for your interest by making sure we earn our grade, it's not given to us. So with an A+ and LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY on our workmanship, you only have one thing to worry about, picking out the right company for your job. 


       GETTING TO KNOW THE OWNER; My name is Johnny Ray Campbell owner and general contractor of THE COLUMBIA COMPANY. I have over 36 years experience in the building industry and have been serving the midlands and surrounding areas since I was in my late teens. I really enjoy working with people and love the feelings that come from hands on creation and watching things come together. I get a lot of gratification doing what I do. I was told if you do good honest work, you will have a good foundation to build on and I continue to practice that in all I do. 

           I started out as a greenhorn (a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity) many years ago helping my father out around the house. My father would always make me help him with repairs or upgrades around the house.  We also built additions and later a house from ground up. Like most kids, I did not like to work, but was always amazed on how much my father knew about construction. While in high school I would help my older brother who framed houses for a living during summer months and weekends. and I would work summers additionally learning trade. I took shop in high school and while in class a dream was born to build a house. 

           I designed my first house in the 12th grade and built it when I was 19. Believe it or not it's still standing to this day. 827 South Kilbourne Road Columbia, South Carolina, see for yourself, copy and paste it in your search brower and checkout the street view. My very first house as a teenager. So I have made this a part of my life. I love designing and creating things and viewing the end result. I also love seeing the customers face and joy as a project start nearing completion. I do not work toward 95% satisfaction, it's the 100% satisfaction I work hard for. I want to feel good about signing my name to a project. If you were to go into the first house I built and look in the upstairs access area, you would find my signature and the line that reads, "a man, walks away, from another job well done" JOHNNY RAY CAMPBELL 1979. 

        I'll make you this promise, give us the chance to do your next project and you won't be sorry. I will work hard for you and keep you involved as little or as much as you want at every stage. I won't ask you for money upfront unless we have to make special orders that require to do so. We will also give you  limited life time warranty on all workmanship, and if you can find someone else that does that, we will give you two life time warranties.

        I'm looking forward to talking with you and please feel free to call me anytime. 803-665-8889

Johnny Ray Campbell